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Big Year 2018

1. Rick (192)
2. liang nigulayi (187)
3. Binzhao Lv (151)
4. Lee Tao (112)
5. yang feifei (112)
6. wen zhimin (91)
7. black lark (75)
8. Rezaq Hassan (65)
9. Marmot (63)
10. Allan Linn (41)

rare birds records

Pectoral Sandpiper (Calidris melanotos)

© Important Bird records
Kuohongqi, Qapqal County

On Sept. 26, 2017, RENGONG photographed a sandpiper in the Kuohongqi, Qapqal, Xinjiang. After checking with several experts and relevant references, the bird was identified as a Calidris melanotos. According to Zheng (2011)and Ma (2011), this was a new bird record in Xinjiang.

Glossy Ibis (Plegadis falcinellus)

© Important Bird records

8 May 2011, photo by Kashi bird watching society from Shufu County, has been confirmed a new record in Xinjiang.

Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)

© Important Bird records

1 September 2012, photo by Tao Li from Qinggeda Lake, has been confirmed a new record in Xinjiang.

Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii)

© Important Bird records
Aketao kalakule lake

17 September 2014, photo by Yinxin Peng from Karakul Lake, has been confirmed as a new record of birds in China.

Moustached Warbler (Acrocephalus melanopogon)

© Important Bird records
wulumuqi wulabo

Cyдиловская (1936) reported this species in Tien Shan, China. Although the landform and climatic conditions of Xinjiang are similar to those of eastern Kazakhstan, there have been no other reports for decades and as the original report lacked sufficient detail Moustached Warbler was not added to the Chinese checklist. This recent discovery of Moustached Warbler clears up some of the historical doubts and the species can now be safely added to the Chinese avifauna.

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