Tibetan Snowfinch

Montifringilla adamsi (Adams, 1859)

© Gloden Euphratica

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author: Gloden Euphratica
location: gan shu i he xin jiang jiao jie chu
date: 2015-03-20
equipment: 佳能1DX2

2023-02-06. 金胡杨:


2023-03-07. Mike Blair:

The English name of Montifringilla adamsi is Black-winged Snowfinch. Tibetan Snowfinch is M. henrici, which I understand is distributed much further east.

I have seen recent images of M. adamsi from northernmost Pakistan, less than 50 km from Afghanistan's Wakhan Pass and so the excellent images above from fairly close to Tajikistan are from a location not too far away from the pakistan images.

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