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author: Gloden Euphratica
location: ka shi di que ta shi ku er gan xian
date: 2015-07-05
equipment: 佳能1DX1

2017-03-05. Isabekov Askar:

grey upperpart, white tail wih black terminal band and rufous breast indicate to Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) or to very similar species. I am not sure in first one because photo was taken in July, the breeding season. I have no info about breeding range of N.Wheatear in souther mountains.

2017-12-18. 金胡杨:


2017-12-18. 苟军:


2017-12-18. a龙:

翻译自Isabekov Askar:

2017-12-19. Askar Isabekov:

Thanks Allan, Northern Wheatear is almost common breeding bird in our part of Tien Shan. example

2017-12-19. a龙:

Thanks to you Askar, at the moment we are not sure does Northern Wheatear breeding in Pamir,and also its a common breeding bird in our part of TienShan too. Goujun said on this pic, the tail pattern is not so realistic to Northern Wheater, and no evidence that this bird breeding in this area. so its a doubtly species

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