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author: liang nigulayi
date: 2018-09-16
equipment: D800

2018-12-05. 苟军:


2019-11-30. 梁勇新疆北山羊:


2020-01-13. Paul Holt:

It looks like a Black-headed Bunting too me too. Although extremely similar to Red-headed Bunting (& many are unidenifiable) the rather heavy bill, the heavily streaked forehead & crown, very slight rufous hue to some scapulars (no yellow-green visible) and only slight yellow tone on rump suggest that species. Differences in the length of primary projection, rump streaking and chin/throat colour described for these two species are likely unreliable.

2020-02-06. Андрей Баздырев:

Brown-headed Bunting (Emberiza bruniceps) 褐头鹀 : very contrasting stripes on the back and wings (in the black-headed, these stripes are blurry, unsharp).

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