Caspian Plover

Charadrius asiaticus (Pallas, 1773)

© liang nigulayi

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author: liang nigulayi
location: Altay City, Xinjiang
date: 2013-06-11
equipment: D800

2016-08-30. 苟军:


2016-09-28. 七星剑:


2016-09-28. 苟军:


2016-11-24. Isabekov Askar:

This bird is not male (11.06 breeding time, male must have unmistakable breeding plumage). Females of both Caspian Plover and Oriental Plover have plain broad breast band of brownish or buffy colour. This bird has narrower breast band of another form. The head pattern also excluded both species because Caspian and Oriental Plovers don't have bridge from bill's base to cheek. This bird has it (it is visible though photo is overexposed). Also it is not Lesser Sand Plover, because latter has dark legs. So this bird is female Greater Sand Plover, like this bird. Head pattern and breast, bill size also same to this bird.

2017-05-08. Isabekov Askar:


2017-05-08. black lark:

I agree with Askar.

2018-01-16. 苟军:

The bird photographed only one photo。

2019-11-10. Paul Holt:

I was just about to post & suggest it was a Greater Sand Plover, scrolled down & saw Isabekov's comments. I agree it's a Greater Sand Plover (one with an unusually well-marked, pale post-ocular supercilium). The thick-set bill with long nail are important.

2020-09-02. 苟军:

Thanks Isabekov Askar and Paul Holt for the advice! Your opinions are very full. The beak of this bird is too strong, agreeing to be it was a female Greater Sand Ploverr.

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