Golden Eagle

Aquila chrysaetos (Linnaeus, 1758)

© Binzhao Lv

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author: Binzhao Lv
location: wulumuqimidongqu tiechanggou
date: 2019-01-06
equipment: canon1DXII

2019-01-15. Andrew Bazdyrev:

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) - "cap" on the head is ocher (and not yellow), the bright base of the tail, the rear edge of the wing is uneven.

2019-01-16. 苟军:

Thank you for Andrew Bazdyrev!
这是一只金雕(Aquila chrysaetos)亚成鸟,头顶棕褐色(而不是黄色);尾巴中段是干净的白色(缺乏横纹);飞行时翅膀的后缘呈现弧形(白肩雕较为平直)。

2019-01-16. 飞之羽:


2019-01-18. Andrew Bazdyrev:

Golden Eagle: the head is ocher and not light yellow. At the base of the tail is preserved white color, which the imperial eagle does not have at any age. This bird has not yet acquired the final adult plumage, but not in the juvenile plumage, so large white spots have already disappeared from the bottom of the wing.

2019-01-18. 苟军:


2019-01-18. 飞之羽:

Thancks !Andrew Bazdyrev!

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